Today is Remembrance Day. We chose today as the day to release the film for ‘Little Men’ because I remember it was at this time last year when I first began thinking about the content for the lyrics to this song, which is dedicated to my two sons; Cosmo (6) and Rocco (4). I do hope you like the animated video for this song created by Sofja Umarik. I knew the moment that she and I met on skype, that she related to the song and would create a beautiful story of her own to compliment it. I couldn’t be happier with her film

Like the parent of most boys, I am especially affected by thinking about the wars we have fought in the past and the wars we may fight in the future. Last remembrance day was a big one, and my boys wanted to wear poppies and asked me what it meant. The memorial centre in Gerrards Cross (where I live), was inherited by the community because the family who owned it had three sons who all died in the first world war. They were hardly men by the time when they went to war, and they never came back.

Everything I want for my boys is contained in this song. Where they find difference of opinion, I hope they can always work through it to seek resolution. I want them to be happy and have the opportunity to openly love whoever they want to love. I want them to work to understand everyone as equals and not take on the weight of the world just because they are male. I do not care what they do, other than that. I have learnt a lot about expectations and how little they mean. I want them to live each day as it comes and love themselves and others. That seems to me to be the best tribute they could offer.