I want to thank everyone who has been part of Liberty’s Mother during 2019. We have seen an extraordinary level of interest for a project that is completely independent and has almost no promotional spend and we feel clear that the song ‘I Can Love You From Here’ has potential to become much better known and create increased charity funding and awareness in 2020.

We Raised Lots of Money

In total we raised £8725 with all profits going to Tommy’s. The EP now belongs to Tommy’s with all money that it raises going to them.

We Shared The Song/s with Thousands

Our main purpose has always been to share the song and raise awareness about baby loss. For me, the purpose of song, is sharing and uniting human experiences. We have received feedback from hundreds of parents, (in person and online) about how important the song has been to them;

Here are a sample of the messages we have received;

  • “My daughter was stillborn three weeks ago. I really needed this song. It’s wonderful x”
  • “Like the best songs it’s saying something new and I don’t think I’ve heard a song express this idea of loving someone from a distance before. It’s very moving. And helpful”
  • “Your song has had SUCH an impact on me. Thank you so much.”
  • “Thank you for your beautiful words. I downloaded your EP the day it came out and it has been a huge comfort this last week.” (baby loss awareness week)
  • “on run number 1 of my #27forthomas challenge on what would be his 16th  birthday, Now listening to amazing songs by @libertysmother … that always give me comfort  #stilladad”

We Raised Awareness about Stillbirth

We made a very strong start on social media since launch six months ago. Our ‘I Am Liberty’s Mother’ facebook post, reached over 51,500 people which is incredible. 

In six months, we gained social media followers of just under 2,000 people

And in three months for our youtube channel, we had over 7,000 views.

I Shared The Song In Person

We played 3 full band gigs as launches and fundraising events. These were a great success raising £1.5k – £2k each.

I also played solo at; The Sands Conference, Baby Loss Awareness Live in Leeds, 2 local fundraisers in my area, Coventry Cathedral event for BLAW2019. The Sands National Conference, Wellness HQ Event for BLAW2019 and six ‘Lights of Love’ Remembrance Services.

We Got Media

I spoke about babyloss on the Radio in 8 Regional Radio Interviews and had ‘I Can Love You From Here’ playlisted on 15 different radio stations across the UK including; Birmingham, Stoke, Colchester, Leeds, Coventry, Warwick, West London, Lincoln, Suffolk and Cambridge.

We created multiple magazine, podcast and blog pieces and published 4 beautiful animated videos for the EP tracks. The biggest piece was a one page feature in CHAT magazine which is the UKs biggest woman’s ‘real life’ weekly .

AND ONTO 2020 ….

The Future

In 2020, we will publish the sheet music for ‘I Can Love You From Here’ to raise money for Sands and so that anyone can access the song either to sing, share or to have played at a funeral or remembrance service.

I am now part of the APPG and have committed to helping them with awareness raising and PR for the baby loss awareness cause, with that I have secured pro bono help from a Major PR. 1 in 4 pregnancies end in a loss, and so this is an issue that affects millions of parents in the UK and touches the lives of most everyone.

We are also working with multiple charities now and a company who share music for funerals all over the UK to offer the song for baby loss services. There will be a Woman’s Own Piece in the first quarter and many other initiates are in the pipeline, including a major book inspired by our project.

Thank you Team

Thank you to the Core Liberty’s Mother Team; Yannis Illiopoulos, Corrina Taylor, Ben Jones, Maiya Smith, Vinnie Minotto, Peter Napper. You are wonderful human beings. We have a sense of doing something truly unique, worthwhile, experimental and very enjoyable and rewarding, that we will all remember our whole lives.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed including; Julian Marshall, Jonathan Whiskerd, David Mead, Paul Stanborough, Luke Toms, Jo Hart & Hart Media, Orchard, Nadine Furer, Jill Daniels, everyone at Tommys especially Jane Brewin and everyone at Sands especially Clea Harmer, Sean Copson, Lucas Polo, Michael Bonagura, Alison McGarragh, Richard Bloom at Tiger Pink, Barbara Pursey and the ICMP Community Choir.